coming up with Questions for a usability study from my previous assignment

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must be minimum 20 Qs. about the instagram usability test study

For this assignment, I would like you to come up with the questions you plan to ask participants during your usability study. Data collection WILL HAPPEN in the NEXT assignment.

But before you can collect the data, you need to create a plan, questionnaire, outline for what you plan to ask participants to do. I HAVE INCLUDED A SAMPLE SCRIPT in the MODULES section of Canvas! The script pertains to the usability study I conducted for a website called (Links to an external site.). You can go to the website and follow along with the script.

Your script should include:

1) A statement asking participants for their consent to participate

2) A statement informing participants of what they are going to do. This can be generic like “I will be asking you to complete some tasks using this product. There are no right or wrong answers! My job is to make this product more usable, so I would like your honest feedback about how you feel when completing these tasks. Please think out loud and walk me through the things you are doing so I have a better understanding of why you are doing them. Do you have any questions at this time?”

3) A list of tasks that you will have each participant complete. Remember, each session typically lasts 45-60 min. You should not have too few or too many questions. Your goal is to FIND USABILITY ISSUES WITH THE MAIN TASKS people perform on your product. So think of the most common things people do with your product and ask them to evaluate those. Some products are more complex than others and perform a hundred different functions. I don’t need all of them evaluated! I just need the most important ones. Use your judgement.

4) A closing statement thanking participants for their participation

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