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Unit Learning Outcomes Graduate Attributes Assessed ULO 1: Show an understanding of the basic principles and issues associated with enterprise systems. ULO 2: Explain and describe the scope of common enterprise systems (e.g. supply chain, HRM, procurement, etc.) ULO 3: Identify and critically assess the challenges associated with implementing enterprise systems and their impact on business. ULO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the enterprise system development life cycle, from selection, acquisition, implementation, and maintenance. ULO 5: Identify the factors that contribute to an organisation’s readiness to implement enterprise systems and how obstacles might be overcome. GA 2: Collaboration GA 3: Research GA 4: Critical Thinking GA 5: Ethical Behaviour GA 6: Flexibility Due Date/Time Week 7 Online Moodle Submission; 8 th May 2020 5:00pm (AEST) Assessment Description This essay assesses a student’s ability to assess information, formulate arguments and critically evaluate different alternatives to issues or problems. In this individual assignment, students are required to write a 2,500 to 2,600-word essay on the following enterprise systems issues: 1. Discuss the principal drivers behind businesses adopting Enterprise Systems. 2. How do Enterprise Systems contribute to organisational performance and how do we measure such contributions? 3. What are the organisational change management considerations necessary for successful adoption of an Enterprise System?
• The assignment is to be written in a report format. It must have separate sections for each of the THREE tasks above. • The essay should additionally, include an Introduction, Conclusion and References • Submit as a PDF or Word document through the Turnitin assignment submission tool on Moodle. • Include a title page that has your name, subject, date, report title and WORD COUNT. Please do not include an assignment cover page as this will match with other students at AIH. • The assignment should not exceed 2,600 words with a minimum of 2,500 words, excluding references.

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