Communications and Writing for CJ Professionals CJE1130

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As a criminal justice professional, it is imperative that you learn the finer aspects of writing. Citing and referencing are part of the gradable criteria for your weekly work.

1. What is the difference between first and third person styles of writing? What are the advantages of using the first person style in investigative reports? Provide an example of each

2. What is the difference between open ended and closed ended questions? Which are better used in an interview and why?

3. Identify the five rules of narrative writing and discuss why they are important. Include in your answer the types of quotes one might use in a narrative, as well as, when opinions would be appropriate to include in a narrative.

4. Crime Report Exercise: Use the following fact pattern and prepare an appropriate crime report. Ensure you complete the narrative at the end of the report. You may also reference “Just the Facts” to help you develop your report. This question is worth40 points. You will find the 707, 707A and 707B forms under the course resources icon in the Start Here link of your class. Please ensure you fill in all the blocks. You are welcome to use your name, badge number, and add any additional information as needed.

FACTS: You are a patrol officer for the Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) working in area 12. Your backup officer is Joe Cassidy.

DBPD is located at 129 Valor Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114.

CRIME: Vandalism RD 822 BEAT 12

LOCATION: 522 Jimmy Ann Drive, Daytona Beach


REPORTED DATE: May 15, 2018 1445 hours

RP: Whittier, Leigh DOB 6/17/1984

DISCOVERER: Williams, Tony DOB 10/30/83

VICTIM: Same as the RP

M.O.: There is no M.O. for this report.

SOLVABILITY FACTORS: Determine this using the fact pattern

PROPERTY DAMAGE: $450 to replace the tires

DETAILS: You are on patrol and receive the following radio call, “Unit 12, see the woman at 522 Jimmy Ann Drive regarding a vandalism in progress. Reporting party is Leigh Whittier and her boyfriend is in foot pursuit northbound on Bill France Blvd. Suspect is a male, white with blond hair wearing a purple shirt and tan pants.” As you near the intersection of Fairwood and Clyde Morris, which is 3 blocks from the victim’s residence, you observe a young blond man in a purple shirt running west on Fairwood. You also observe another man in a blue shirt chasing him. The second man is about 25 yards behind the guy in the purple shirt. You order both of them to stop and they readily comply. Both are breathing very hard, and both are sweating. You call dispatch and advise them of your actions and shortly thereafter hear Officer Cassidy on the radio. Officer Cassidy is at the victim’s house and advises you that the vandalism involves the slashing of tires to a 2018 Black Ford Explorer. Officer Cassidy advises that a suspect in a purple shirt was seen slashing the tires of the Ford Explorer and that the victim’s current boyfriend, Tony Williams is chasing the suspect. Officer Cassidy also advises you that the suspect is named Gregory Mills and is a former boyfriend of the victim.

You observe some brake dust on the suspect’s right hand and on the right side of his tan pants. The man who was chasing the suspect states that he is Tony Williams and that he saw the suspect slash the tires. He continues stating that he chased him from the driveway and never lost sight of him. He also states that the suspect used to date his current girlfriend and was angry that she did not want to go out with him anymore. When you ask the suspect his name, he states, “I really am sorry, but I still hate her.” Officer Cassidy radios you and broadcasts that he has recovered a box cutter from the victim’s driveway. Based on this, you place the suspect under arrest and find an identification card in his wallet in the name of Brett Dove. Officer Chance Lando transports him to jail.

You then respond to the victim’s house to talk with Officer Cassidy and the victim so that you can take a report. On arrival, you contact t victim who states that she used to go out with the suspect but broke up with him in August because he was so strange. You observe the slashed tires. You complete your work and get the knife from Officer Cassidy along with a Polaroid he took of the Ford Explorer.

Victim: Leigh Whittier DOB 6-17-84

522 Jimmy Ann Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Home: 386-254-7774

Work: 386-671-5060

Whittier is a counselor at New Beginnings, 3820 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach

Witness: Tony William DOB 10-30-83

1928 Tall Pines Circle # 4

Daytona Beach, FL

Home: 386-254-9243

Work: 386-274-8554

Williams is a bartender at Dale’s Pub, 2731 West International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach

Property loss: $450 to replace the tires.

Suspect: Gregory Mills DOB 11/1/1985

392 Heineman Avenue, Daytona Beach

Home: 386-254-0093

Work Phone: None


Journal Assignment Grading:

Questions 1 – 3 are worth 20 points each. Question 4 is worth 40 points. If a question is not answered, no points will be received for that response.

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