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 1) Choose a major brand or company (single product). 2) Conduct basic research on the company and/or product. Conduct a “brand audit”. What is the brand “all about”? (suggested 1-2 pages) 3) Situation Analysis: Conduct situation analysis on the market. Identify competitors, market share, trends and changes occurring in the market. Are there new entrants, or barriers to entry? Are some brands growing while others are fading? 2-3 pages 4) Media usage: Identify at least four different media used by the brand. from three different types of media employed by the advertiser. Identify target audience, media vehicle(s) used, and content of the ads. What is the core message? What appeals are they using? 5) Critique of the marketing communications. Are the ads/promotions effective? What message(s) are they conveying? Are they well structured? Is the target correct? What might you recommend to improve the ads.; Media: was this good use of media, where else could an advertiser have advertised, etc. (suggested 2-3 pages). Points will be awarded approximately as follows: Research – 10 points, Situation Analysis – 10 points, Media Critique – 10 points, Maximium points will be achieved by thorough research, understanding and integrating key concepts from lecture and reading into paper, and critical thinking on the subject. For citations of research sources, you may use any reasonable style, which includes inline, footnotes, endnotes, or bibliography. Also, please note when you are giving your opinion.

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