Compare and contrast two artworks in order to analyse how artists created new ways of seeing and representing the world through visual perception

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Compare and contrast two artworks in order to analyse how artists created new ways of seeing and representing the world through visual perception. This could be in terms of the way that they use space, colour, form, angles or movement to create emotion, narrative, or visual tension in the work. artworks: Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907, oil on canvas, 243.9 x 233.7 cm, MoMA and Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940, Marking Criteria • Quality of Ideas: Students will demonstrate a complete • knowledge of lecture and tutorial materials. Students will work confidently with the assigned pairing. They will take ideas from the relevant lectures and apply them to the works. They will discuss the works as a pair, exploring the relationship between them. • Analysis/Visual Analysis: Ideas should be demonstrated through detailed analysis of specific features of the work. Justify observations of the work with detailed visual evidence. • Visual analysis should establish and extend your central argument, given in response to the set question. Think critically. Explain ‘how’ the artist has been able to visually express the concept identified, and justify ‘why’ this would be relevant to the context of the work. Historical or theoretical material should be woven into your analysis, not stated separately from it. Comparative Analysis: Students should treat the works as a pair, comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences in an effort to draw out the relationship between the two. Consider what we learn from the pairing. Do not treat the works separately. Move between them over the course of your response, not just in terms of structure, but to actually build an argument that relies on what can be understood from the pairing. Argument: Presents a focused and substantial argument. Developed through independent critical thinking – drawing together ideas from across the course – in response to the set question. • Writing: Clear and erudite expression of ideas. Ideas stated directly and concretely. Written in whole sentences. Solid paragraph structure. Include citations and bibliography as required. lecture content1 Global Art Histories and Ways of Seeing. Burning Desire: Photography and the Cinematic Moment 2 Modernism and the Rise of the Avant-garde (RB) 3Avantgarde Art and The First World War: Revolutions of the mind, and Aesthetics 4 latin america cublism and surrealism5 Abstraction, War and Fascism: The End of a Dream 6 After the End: The Cold War and the Rise of America 7Cold War in Crisis: Cuba and China

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