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Overview of Assessment

You will be provided with a job and person specification and the associated advertisement for the job role. You will be responsible for assessing the learning needs of an individual in a team against this job role. You will then develop a training program for this individual in a team to develop them for the position in described in rob role.

Task/s to be assessed

Following the instructions below you will identify the skills required and develop and evaluate the learning. It should be concise, relevant, address the below questions and use appropriate business language.

1. Read the supplied J&P and advertisement for the role.

2. Using a training needs analysis, determine the required skills of a person

who could competently undertake this position.

3. From the training needs analysis, develop a self-assessment tool to assess

an individual’s ability to undertake this role.

4. Discuss the tool with your colleagues to ensure that it effectively assesses

the skills of an individual against this role; document their feedback and

make appropriate changes.

5. Complete the tool yourself and collect an additional 10 responses from

others (this can be a work team or participants of your choice) by using this

tool, they will self-assess.

6. Compare the results of your tool from the 10 responses (the team) against

the requirements of the job role by conducting a gap analysis.

7. Document the above steps in a short report to your lecturer summarising your findings.


Bank Teller/Customer Service Assistant

Person Specification Date issued: July 2017

Category Essential Job Requirements Desirable Job Requirements Method of Testing

Job Related Skills and Knowledge:

  • Able to deliver high levels of customer care.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to learn and operate relevant systems both manual and computerized.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office to intermediate level.
  • Able to multi-task remaining calm and professional even in a pressurized customer service
  • environment.

  • Makes a positive contribution to teams.
  • Ability to make decisions in line with current policies and information attempt to resolve issues and problems with custome;s accounts
  • initiate and open new accounts
  • explain, advise on and promote bank products and services to customers
  • identify referral opportunities and make relevant referrals
  • ensure compliance with all internal controls and
  • Knowledge of banking services
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office
  • Application form /Interview

    established policies and procedures

    Experience • At least 2 years’ experience of working in a busy customer based service role including cash handling.

  • knowledge of customer service principles
  • relevant computer skills
  • Experience of working with cash
  • Interview Education / Qualifications:

  • SACE 2 certificate or equivalent
  • NVQ Level 2 in literacy and numeracy or equivalent
  • Customer Service qualification at NVQ2 or equivalent
  • Other Requirements:

  • strong numerical ability
  • good listening and communication skills
  • customer service orientation
  • accuracy and attention to detail
  • time management
  • problem solving
  • honesty and integrity
  • teamwork
  • stress tolerance
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