Complete Short MicroEconomics Task (DUKES)

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For this week’s assignment, I am asking you to pair up and individually come up with two examples of barriers to entry due to promoting innovation so there should be a total of four examples. You can find a listing of these types under Section 9.1 under the sub-heading, “Promoting Innovation”. Specifically, you are being asked to:

  1. Identify two examples in your town or area. (ALBANY, GA)
  2. Discuss the four examples together and explain why you think they promote innovation.
  3. Then answer Critical Thinking Question #28 at the end of Chapter 9 where it asks whether you think it might be a good idea to eliminate or at least limit intellectual protection laws.
  4. As stated in the syllabus, this textbook is available online for free. I have enclosed a link here:

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