Compounds used to sanitize in food production establishments.

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Format: Minimum of 1,800 words (body, not including cover page, tables, or works cited). Paper should be double spaced and 12 point Calibri font with 1” margins on all sides. Cite all references in text with a number (i.e. (1) ) and at the end with a literature review or works cited page. Please use a minimum of 5 sources and provide enough information in your citation that the source can be found. (i.e. for a website use the full URL not just the website; For a book, magazine, or journal article provide a page number) Topic: Compounds used to sanitize in food production establishments. You can choose to select things such as: Chlorine, Iodine, Formaldehyde, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. I would select several of these if not all of them and do some hard research on them. Present the paper as to the advantages, disadvantages, characteristics and then compare them to each other. Note how they can or then shouldn’t be used in a food operation as well as briefly discuss other uses for them (like formalin is the liquid for of formaldehyde so discuss using formaldehyde as a preservative).Relevant information for the compounds you choose would be: Effective concentrations, legal limits for use, interaction with other chemicals, interaction with organic matter, impact of pH and temperature, needed contact time, etc. This is not an exercise in copying large chunks of information from sources. If you plagiarize you will get a 0. Please spend adequate time to find the information from multiple sources and use that to write your paper. There should not be multiple sentence quotes from a single source and every sentence should not be cited as you should be adding your own commentary. Please utilize the writing center if you need help with the writing process, formatting, etc.

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