Computer information systems critical thinking

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 Description Critical thinking through writing in Computer Information Systems is defined as using writing to assist in developing ability to select, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and draw inferences about business situations and information, and apply problem-solving skills to formulate and communicate convincing reasons in support of conclusions and solutions. All BBA students pursuing a major in Computer Information Systems will develop their critical thinking through writing skills throughout their major courses as follows. The assignments will require students to: • Gather, organize, and classify, pertinent information, materials, and data • Evaluate assumptions, evidence, ideas, and information • Analyze information • Consider and/or integrate disparate ideas and information • Develop rational, reasonable, and informed conclusions • Present a clear expression of derived conclusions, judgments, and solutions In this paper, students will prepare a written analysis and conclusion for IT project management decision (e.g., Enterprise System Implementation). Student will need to do some research on how a company’s IT department implement their enterprise system and what methodologies they used. And write a two-page’s plan / reflection paper (single space) based on the company’s scenario that the (individual) student chooses to do so. For instance, enterprise systems (ES) are used by business and governmental organizations to manage and optimize many business functions using Information technology. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of ES that integrates business processes across departments and functions using a single database. This provide real-time data for ease of sharing information and making operational and strategic decisions throughout the enterprise. In addition, ERP systems integration has been extended to enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM).

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