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Gustav Mahler’s Symphony #6 Concert Report

– Watch the music video from this link:

(Attach link to essay)

– Concert report must be submitted as a PDF file.

– Describe your musical experience, based on your observations of a classical music performance. Please write a 3-to-4-page essay (double-spaced with 1” margins, in
Times New Roman, 12 pt font).

-Be sure to describe EACH MOVEMENT to some extent, and then focus on one of the movements in detail to compare to another symphony movement from class — probably from
Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

As an online “audience” member, you establish a special type of relationship with the performer. Describe this to the best of your ability by looking at how the
performer communicates (or does not communicate) with the audience, as well as how the audience participates in the concert. To what extent do “extra-musical”
influences affect your overall experience?

In your essay, you should consider the following areas (“extra-musical” details):

Describe the venue — does this have an influence on the overall musical effect?

Describe the performers’ configuration — how does their seating affect the sound?

Describe the conductor — can you see his effect on the ensemble?

Describe the videography/camera angles — did this help you follow the music better?

Also, the music itself (and the knowledge you bring to the concert) clearly affects the way you feel and receive the performance. Music fundamentals (melody, harmony,
rhythm, meter, form, and texture) can impact your mood to a great extent. Furthermore, what you know about the composers, specific works, and genres also informs your
experience. Do your best to draw upon any music-historical elements you have picked up in the class and compare it to a work from your Forney textbook. When you
utilize the textbook (use the index!) or the program notes from the concert, be sure to use MLA citations.

After briefly describing the works presented at the concert, focus on one work by one of the composers performed at the concert. This should NOT be a work we have
studied in class, but closely related to one you have studied. You might consider writing about the composer’s personal life and the social-historical setting. Why did
you like (or dislike) the piece?


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