Confidentiality and psychotherapists

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The following URL: (DO NOT LIMIT YOUR RESEARCH TO THIS ONE LINK) where the story notes that Dr. Oziel was stripped of his license to practice psychotherapy in California. The case involved the Menendez brothers’ shotgun slayings of their wealthy parents. Comment on this case. Was this an appropriate action to revoke Dr. Oziel license to practice and would there be other circumstances whereby a license to practice should be revoked. Research this issue of confidentiality and psychotherapists. What are the rules for breaking confidentiality? Is there a duty to warn? Explain the Tarasoff requirement. Can a psychologist refuse to answer questions from the Judge when testifying on a case? Also, are psychologists protected from disclosure under certain circumstances? Research this topic and write a two page paper in response. At the end of your report site a minimum of three outside sources utilizing the APA format.

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