Construct a professional presentation, integrating key elements of the planned change process, to communicate the capstone project.

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Background Information Throughout the previous workshops, each facet of the planned change process has been unpacked, examined, and critically applied to your capstone project. As a nurse leader, whether serving at the bedside or in administration, education, or another context, identifying key concepts and communicating them in a succinct and clear manner is an essential skill. Toward that end, in Workshop Seven you will integrate all elements of the capstone project as you create a visual presentation to communicate your work. As you craft your assignment, remember that the characteristics of an effective and professional visual presentation differ from those of a written paper. When developing a presentation, the challenge lies in pulling out (or distilling) the key elements and developing a creative means to communicate the essence of your work. Resist including lengthy narrative passages and extraneous details. Focus on succinct, clear, bulleted phrases to communicate the essence of your work. Instead of giving extensive lists of activities, for example, deliver a clean, succinct list of critical milestones. You want your presentation to have a professional appearance; you may use motion, images, photos, clip art, or graphics, but only when they truly augment your message. Motion, images, photos, clip art, and graphics are not required, and should not be used in a manner that draws attention away from the content of your presentation. To summarize, this assignment will challenge you to synthesize, distill, integrate, and creatively communicate key elements from each phase of your planned change process. As you move forward, consider innovative ways to condense and concisely deliver information and facts. Finally, remember to incorporate the characteristics of professional, effective visual presentations as you construct this culminating assignment in your baccalaureate nursing coursework. Instructions Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (20-slide maximum, not counting title slide and reference slide) that integrates each aspect of the capstone project. Your presentation should include: Statement of the problem or need addressed by the capstone project Background of the problem or need (data supporting the problem within the organization; literature substantiating the problem/initiative) Environmental context impacting the capstone project (SWOT, stakeholders, influencing factors, financial considerations) Capstone project outcome statement Activities with timeline for completion Evaluation of outcome achievement (or, if not yet completed, the evaluation method to measure outcome achievement) Impact and value of your capstone project on the organization Sustainability of your endeavor Cite a minimum of four current, scholarly sources to substantiate the problem and capstone project initiative.

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