corporate social responsibility

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Critically analyze different approaches to corporate social responsibility in either the tourism, aviation, or hospitality industry sectors?

-This assessment should be presented in Report format.
You should choose 2 or more organizations to highlight the different approaches and strategies of businesses and organizations in the global context. You should focus your discussions on the approaches these businesses take to corporate social responsibility and globalization.

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-The aim of the report is to critically analyse the differing approaches to corporate social responsibility and globalisation of two organizations in the tourism and hospitality sector.
Discuss their financial structure and operational model, the geographical scope, business objectives and vision, the strategies employed, the corporate social responsibility approaches. The report should include a discussion of the limitations and opportunities of your chosen businesses’ experiences because of their structure and finance model.

-The case study should be presented in report format, which is formal and in the third person (will discuss this further in your seminars). You will need to include references to support your key points made in the report. In addition to the report, you are able to include supporting information in the report appendices, this could include:
· Financial data that might relevant
· Recent news stories (from tourism media or general media) about your chosen organisation
· Large tables that cannot be included in the main report




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