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 Description Description: Each student will choose ONE occupation from one of the “three” major subcomponents of the criminal justice system, (i.e., police, courts, corrections) and write an informative paper outlining the description of the occupation, a problem facing that occupation today, and evidence based strategies for combating that problem. Each paper should consist of five total sections. The first section should be a broad introduction. Section 2 should provide an overview of the occupation detailing specific job requirements, annual salary, and projected job outlook (e.g., growth/decline). Section 3 should be directed toward describing a problem or issue facing that occupation. Section 4 should describe evidence based (e.g., research driven) strategies for combating that problem. Lastly, section 5 should be a conclusion section wrapping up the paper by discussing key points and offering direction for future work. Students must incorporate at least 5 sources of scholarly literature (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, books, and government websites) into their discussion. Papers should be between 3 and 4 double spaced pages in length, and follow APA (6th edition) format (1 in margins, 12 point Times New Roman Font). Students must also include a copy of the rubric in which he/she grades him/herself.

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