Cosyntropin for Prophylaxis against Postdural Puncture Headache after Accidental Dural Puncture

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 Description The project courses are organized by deliverables corresponding to the John Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) process. The first steps include identifying a problem and formatting your clinical question/problem with PICO (T): P-patient population or problem/ Intervention/Comparison intervention or gold standard (if applicable)/Outcome(s) to be measured/(T) timeframe and/or type of question(if applicable) In order to identify a problem and PICO(T) clinical question conduct a preliminary search for related evidence. Deliverable 1 has three components: 1. Please provide a preliminary PICO (T) clinical question; 2. Search the literature for existing systematic reviews and evidence based guidelines: Explain what was found? Describe how you searched the literature; 3. Please describe in 1000 words or less a rationale for the systematic review in the context of what is already known. AMA format.

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