Country Profile Research Guinea and Greece

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 Resources: Review the following resources to prepare for this week: **Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. (n.d.). Retrieved from **Murray, C. (2013, May). A new way to visualize global health data [Video file]. Retrieved from **World Health Organization (n.d.). Data and statistics. Retrieved from Action Items: ***Must use these to countries: Developing Country – Guinea and Developed Country – Greece 1. Begin with the following resources to research your two countries (Developing country- Guinea and Developed country- Greece). You may use other sources, as appropriate: * The World Factbook * The World Health Organization * Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation 2. Research the following information about each country: (Developing-Guinea and Developed- Greece) a. – Population health: go to GBD Compare. (Also go to the World Health Organization to find additional information about your countries.) *In the top chart, change the parameters for the Place to either your developed or developing country. **Adjust the remaining parameters (cause of disease or injury, metric, sex, etc.) and examine the results. ***Create a bottom chart (time plot, age plot, etc.) to further refine the results. ****Create two final charts, one for each of your countries, that illustrate the most serious health issues. Use the Download button at GBD Compare to download screen shots of the two charts. b. – Environmental determinants of health c.- Social determinants of health d.- Economic, social, cultural, and/or political challenges related to environmental and social determinants. 3. Summarize your findings in Action Item 2 for each country. Write a 900 – 1200 word (not counting your references) discussion post. a. Your post should be comprised of four clearly labeled sections: *Research findings for your developed country **Research findings for your developing country ***A comparison of the the two countries in which you characterize the differences and/or similarities between the developed country and the developing country. ****Screen shots of the GBD charts for the developed and developing countries. Follow all applicable APA Guidelines regarding in-text citations and list of cited references for this document. Failure to properly cite and reference sources constitutes plagiarism. Proofread your document carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in significant grading deductions.

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