Create a credit risk model using logistic regression.

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Create a credit risk model using logistic regression to estimate the probability of people who have leased cars, to be late in their payments (default) and then investigate specifically what are the factors that make people be late in their payments (default). WRITE a relevant literature review. There are no many articles with credit risk modeling or probability of default in the leasing industry, so you can write generally about credit modeling and probability of default (POD) or probability of bad (POB) payers. Include as many articles as you can find on probability of default models with regards to the leasing industry. Also, please focus on the papers that use logistic regression as the method to estimate a probability of default/probability of bad. It is important that you mention what factors are most likely to affect the probability to default/bad or to be late in a payment according to the authors of the papers you will include. Bear in mind that this is a literature review request, don’t include any introduction or conclusions.

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