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Access the ADA website at Click on the “Enforcement” link. Review the litigation pending, results, and complaints and choose a case that is either related to hospitality or you feel could influence hospitality law.

Using that case as a basis, create a presentation that will be used present to hotel staff in order to provide training on the subject matter and hotel responsibilities. The presentation should introduce the topic, describe the scenario, define liability related to the scenario, and provide a course of action that would have created a positive outcome or prevented the issue. As the issues presented vary greatly, you can isolate a specific group of employees or group of stakeholders associated with the hotel if you feel a specific group is more relevant.

Presentations can be developed using Kaltura, Powerpoint, or any presentation based software that classmates can access. If using Powerpoint or visual displays, remember to provide notes that will accompany the slide or display in an actual presentation. If providing video, please provide a script for the spoken part.

This does not have to be long but has to get the point across.

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