criminal investigation for the case of BIND, TORTUE, KILL. (BTK Case)

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Research the criminal investigation for the case of BIND, TORTUE, KILL. This is a case incident in which digital evidence was discovered during the investigation of a crime involving the murder of ten people in Kansas from 1974 to 1991. Each student will complete a project report to include all the information required for the digital forensics process. The project report shall include the APA style format and citations to all sources used in the report. 1.) Describe the proper search authority for all evidence recovered in the BTK case. 2.) Describe and provide an illustration (i.e. forms, evidence receipts) of the chain of custody to maintain integrity of the evidence for all items collected. 3.) Explain the complete process of the forensic Image (copy) and the hash function digital “fingerprint” or “DNA” of a file or piece of media. 4.) Describe how tools (software/hardware) are validated to test for accuracy of their results. 5.) Explain repeatability (quality assurance) for the results of the forensic examination. 6.) Describe the various types of analysis used to locate and interpret artifacts found during the case investigation of the BTK killer. 7.) Describe the information (evidence) listed in the report such as items examined, methods and tools used to perform the analysis, and relevant exhibits. 8.) Explain the challenges and failures of presenting complex technology as an expert witness. Article link:

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