Critical Reflection Essay on (Frida) (Innocent Voices) or (Fresa y Chocolate)

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 You are to choose your theme from one of the following films: Frida, Innocent Voices or Fresa y Chocolate For the short essays (no more than 2 pages) choose a detail, a theme or a scene(s) from the film to analyze. A good way to approach this assignment is to consider a key question or theme that evolves from the screening (and the subsequent discussion) of the film. You might think about how the film “fits” with other, over-arching themes discussed in class After you decide what aspect of the film you’d like to write about, here are some other guidelines to follow: 1. Critical Reflection Essays should be 12-font, double-spaced. 2. You may include a brief synopsis of the film but no more than a short paragraph. 3. The majority of your essay should be argumentative (it should have a thesis), offer a critical analysis of the detail, question, or theme you’ve chosen. 4. Use scenes (dialog and images) from the film, as well as readings from the class, as evidence to support your argument. Be sure to cite the readings you draw from.

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