Critique of a Systematic Review

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You will be required to complete a critique of a Systematic Review. Find a published systematic review with PRISMA from within 5 years in a peer-reviewed journal of your choice. In a 3-5-page paper (does NOT include title page and reference page), answer the following questions: Did the review explicitly address a sensible question? (5 points) The systematic review should address a specific question that indicates the patient problem (PICO), the exposure and one or more outcomes. General reviews, which usually do not address specific questions, may be too broad to provide an answer to the clinical question for which you are seeking information. Was the search for relevant studies detailed and exhaustive? (5 points) Researchers should conduct a thorough search of appropriate bibliographic databases. The databases and search strategies should be outlined in the methodology section. Researchers should also show evidence of searching for non-published evidence by contacting experts in the field. Cited references at the end of articles should also be checked. Were the primary studies of high methodological quality? (5 points) Researchers should evaluate the validity of each study included in the systematic review. The same EBP criteria used to critically appraise studies should be used to evaluate studies to be included in the systematic review. Differences in study results may be explained by differences in methodology and study design. Did they use high-level studies (hierarchy of levels of evidence)?

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