Critique the major definitions of intelligence

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Please follow the instructions: Access the Mental Measurements Yearbook, located in the University Library. Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests. Prepare a 12- to 15-slide presentation with detail speaker’s note about your selected instruments. In your analysis, address the following: o Critique the major definitions of intelligence. Determine which theory of intelligence best fits your selected instruments. Explain how the definition and the measures are related. o Evaluate the measures of intelligence you selected for reliability, validity, normative procedures, and bias. o Your selected intelligence and achievement assessments. How are the goals of the tests similar and different? How are the tests used? What are the purposes of giving these differing tests? Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. o Slides present information in bullet form. o Notes present the material that would be stated orally: full paragraphs, no less than three sentences, complete with APA appropriate citations, and containing no more than 10% of even correctly cited quotations. o Citations and references are included for all non-clip art images, as per APA guidelines. o The PowerPoint presentation, including slides and notes o A separate Word document containing all of your notes for submission to the Plagiarism Checker You can find the Mental Measurements Yearbook by clicking “Research Databases” in the UoP Library and then typing in Mental Measurements Yearbook. That being said, all of the needed information for selecting these four tests can also/instead be gleaned from the text readings chapter 9 from: • Cohen, R. J., Swerdlik, M. E, & Sturman, E. D. (2018). Psychological testing and assessment: An introduction to tests and measurement (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. You’ll then look the tests up in the library by test name, finding journal articles in which the tests are used.

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