(CRQ) Consequences of Domestic Violence on Women’s Mental Health in the UK?

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CRQ (Consequences of Domestic Violence on Women’s Mental Health in the UK?) Critical Literature Review Dissertations. PART 1: Research Proposal Complete the Research Proposal section of the ethics form, which includes the following elements; • Central research question (CRQ) • Aim(s) and objectives • Context and rationale; explaining why your dissertation is important, by providing the theoretical, empirical and/ or policy context for your CRQ. • Methodology, including: o Research strategy(you chose pls) o Research philosophy(you chose pls) o Research design(you chose pls) o Sampling(you chose pls) i Think is Theoretical o Data collection methods (Literature Review) o Data analysis (Thematic Analysis) • Complete the Time Planning Schedule and attach this as an Appendix (not included in word count) First of all we need to write 1500 proposal which i included in order description once we got approval, we can keep going on it but bear your mind that I need my proposal before 20 of October. I need the A4 Plan for each chapter just in bullet point is enough (the plan) the proposal 1500 words + A4 plan (in Bullet point) by 20 of October please

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