Data in a soical context

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Answer the questions below, everything must be cited, size 12 times new roman double space

1. In Orwell’s 1984, how does Winston Smith’s awareness of constantly being watched change his behavior, thoughts, and expectations? Discuss three examples of how interactions with other characters in conditions of constant surveillance shape Smith’s development as a character in parts one and two of the novel. (75 words)

2. The Thurstone Temperament Schedule was one of the personality tests used by IBM in interviewing programmer candidates and in reviewing programmers in practice. A short paragraph discussion of the survey is at this link (Links to an external site.) on the bottom right. This test is still in use and must be bought, so we cannot review the questions themselves. Looking at the traits this survey intends to test, listed below, discuss how the traits may or may not be relevant to programmers in the 1960s and today. Consider how self-reporting your personality may be difficult, and how retaking the test may influence answers. (Answer: 75 words)

Active – Works and moves rapidly.
Impulsive – Carefree disposition; makes decisions quickly.
Dominant – Leadership ability; capable of taking initiative and responsibility.
Stable – Cheerful, even disposition.
Sociable – Enjoys company of others.
Reflective – Thinks meditatively; enjoys theoretical problems.
Vigorous — Likes outdoor sports, works with tools

3. Read the article, “Science Isn’t Broken (Links to an external site.),” published by in August 2015. Look at the p-value exercise, Hack Your Way to Scientific Glory, also available at this link (Links to an external site.). Test different ways of measuring economic performance and politician impacts. What happens when you choose to use all of the measures versus a single measure? How does changing the party focus impact your results? Describe the results that are notable to you and why they’re important. (Answer: 75 words)

4. Is predicting the outcome of the Virginia legislative elections in 2019 more like predicting an asteroid or the weather? Review Ellenberg’s discussion of how recognizing these differences changes the value of making predictions. Explain how you chose an answer to this question. (Answer: 75 words)

5. Review the spreadsheet linked here (Links to an external site.) and below with data about Virginia county / city populations, income, and high school cohort: Which are most important sorts of information for planning for future enrollment growth at Virginia Tech? In a table, list the 10 counties / cities with the combination of total population, median household income, and high school cohort that have the most significant potential for recruitment of Virginia students. Explain your criteria for selecting these ten cities and counties. Note: some cities / counties are missing high school cohort data because they are in combined districts; you may ignore these counties / cities. (1 table, 50 word explanation)

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