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Choose a neighborhood on which to focus, from the list below ARVERNE BATH BEACH BAYCHESTER BEDFORD PARK/NORWOOD BENSONHURST BOROUGH PARK BRONXDALE BROWNSVILLE CANARSIE CASTLE HILL/UNIONPORT CORONA CROWN HEIGHTS CYPRESS HILLS ELMHURST FAR ROCKAWAY FLATBUSH-EAST FLATBUSH-NORTH FLATLANDS FLUSHING-SOUTH HARLEM-CENTRAL HOLLIS JACKSON HEIGHTS JAMAICA MADISON MARINE PARK MIDWOOD MORRIS PARK/VAN NEST MORRISANIA/LONGWOOD NEW BRIGHTON PORT RICHMOND REGO PARK SHEEPSHEAD BAY SO. JAMAICA-BAISLEY PARK SOUTH JAMAICA SUNNYSIDE WAKEFIELD WILLIAMSBRIDGE WOODHAVEN Import your data into Power BI (Desktop or Excel). Develop visualizations highlighting important KPI for your neighborhood, including, but not limited to, the total volume of residential sales in the last year in your neighborhood, and the growth (or reduction) of the market over the past 5 years. Use the historical data table. If real estate companies, on average, earn a commission of 5 cents per dollar on residential sales, what is the total revenue earned in your neighborhood over the last year (2016)? If your company achieves 12.5% market penetration in your neighborhood, what would its revenue be?

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