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Your task is to analyse a scenario, and design, develop and test a database in MySQL using
PhpMyAdmin. You are provided with the scenario and supporting documents. The intent of this
assignment is to give you experience in design and development. It is based on a fictitious
It is your job to analyse the data requirements provided in the scenario and design and develop
a relational database to meet the client needs. You will also need to add data and create SQL
queries to provide results suitable for reporting. Your focus will be to:
• Produce a fully normalised database design, modelled in an EERD, showing business rules;
• Develop entities (tables) with correct attributes included;
• Demonstrate supertypes and their associated subtypes;
• Demonstrate normalised relations;
• Make relational joins to ensure this prototype works;
• Produce evidence of correct working via database queries and screenshots of result sets.
Assignment 3 Part A – Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (10%)
Design and produce an Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EERD) using a modelling or
drawing tool. Present your assignment in a Word or PDF document with a title page, the EERD
and business rule clarification (if necessary).
Assignment 3 Part B – Develop a Database Prototype (20%)
Build and test a database prototype based on your design in Part A.

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