David Copperfield book by Charles Dickens analysis

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This is an assignment that focuses on the David Copperfield book by Charles Dickens analysis. The paper also proposes various steps to consider in the writing.

David Copperfield book by Charles Dickens analysis

Please follow the instructions below. I want one page to write about the Prospectus which is the proposal. Another page to write about the bibliography. 1. Prospectus and preliminary bibliography Your assignment is to write a one- or two-page, single-spaced paper proposal (a prospectus). Use the proposal to do the following:

1) Firstly, to identify and to explain (briefly) the topic you are proposing for your final paper;

2) Secondly, to tell what primary text or texts you will work with;

3) Thirdly, to identify some questions you will ask yourself as you begin working on the paper.

This is a place to try out an idea, to formulate a big question that you will use your paper to examine, and to compose a plan of action. It might be a good idea to try out a title, even if you change it later. Beginning on a separate page, compile a preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary works you will use to think about this topic. Use MLA format for your list. See below for more information. You get to change your mind about your paper topic. The prospectus and bibliography are reflections of where you are in the process when you submit them. But they should be good faith attempts to think out what you mean to do in the long paper. 2. Annotated bibliography

Choose two of the scholarly/critical sources from your bibliography, and write a full and substantial paragraph describing and a‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ssessing each as part of your entry for it in the bibliography that accompanies your proposal. Think about choosing something you like, something you think others in the class will find interesting; you may have an opportunity to share your sources with others. In your paragraph, tell what the topic of the source is, identify its central question or questions, and tell what it says about its topic.

Think about discussing any aspects of its style or method that seem interesting to you. Consider how you’d answer the following questions before you begin to write; you don’t need to answer all of them, but you do need to think about all of them as you compose your annotation.

1) Firstly, what does the author look at when sitting down to work? What counts as evidence?

2) Secondly, what is the author trying to figure out?

3) Thirdly, is there anything about the source that you’d quarrel with? Anything you’d want it to amplify?

4) Fourthly, what does it help you understand about Dickens or about an issue important to your thinking about him and his works?

5) Lastly, how is this source helpful to you? This is not the same as asking what it is arguing. Sometimes something quite subsidiary to the argument helps you make a point or think something out.

Note: I have attached David Copperfield book by Charles Dickens use it as one of your primary source. This essay is based on Charles Dickens’s Novels and materials

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