Debra Parkes Solitary Confinement Prison Abolitionist Lawyering Ethic

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This essay entails a review of the book by Debra Parkes Solitary Confinement in relation to Prison Abolitionist Lawyering Ethic.Debra Parkes Solitary Confinement shows the need of good treatment for the sentenced people.

Debra Parkes Solitary Confinement Prison Abolitionist Lawyering Ethic

Firstly, this critical reading assignment is based on the article by Debra Parkes “Solitary Confinement, Prisoner Litigation, and the Possibility of a Prison Abolitionist Lawyering Ethic.

Furthermore, the questions  need answers  below are designed to helps  improve your critical reading skills. Demonstrate your ability to understand academic literature, and provide an opportunity to improve your writing skills.

Also, assistance for understanding the material and working on your writing skills will be provided in your tutorials. This double-spaces, two-three page critical reading assignment graded on the quality and thoughtfulness of the responses. Remember that this is not an opinion piece. You must support your discussion with points raised in the reading.

Secondly, you may refer to other course readings and/or material to do so.

Furthrmore, make sure to name the author. Your critical reading assignment will address the following question. What are the main goals of the text? How does the author aim to achieve these goals? What are the specific arguments advanced by the author in the text?

Thirdly, what is the specific conclusion of the text? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s specific conclusion? Explain and support your position

Also, your conclusion, for both essays,  resemble your introduction grammatically, semantically and mechanically. All your conclusion should do is briefly summarize the work that you’ve already done, and provide some closure to your essay

Finally, when citing sources, you may use either a parenthetical or footnote/endnote style in your essays – MLA, APA, Chicago, etc., – as long as it is consistent throughout. Use peer reviewed articles.

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