Decision Making and Cultures and Marketing

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Part 1, Decision Making Process: Consumer needs and wants are what drive marketers to succeed in selling their products or services through a variety of methods. Describe the process from consumer need through purchase behavior. Then, discuss how each of the following items impacts the process of decision-making. For each item, support your discussion with a personal example of purchasing a product or service. (Please see paper attached about consumer decision making) The type of decision in the decision-making process (i.e., high involvement versus low involvement) Motivation and values The power of attitudes The type of message Issues related to purchase and post-purchase activities The family and culture Part 2, Cultures and Marketing: Our behavior as consumers is dramatically influenced by our culture. Find a similar example of an unsuccessful market entry by a global product and provide the details in your paper. Describe the reason why it was a failure as related to consumer behavior, culture, and/or subculture. Explain how you would more effectively market the global product in that country.

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