Describe how you would develop a substance abuse disorder prevention program

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Write a paper (at least 1,500 words) describing how you would develop a substance abuse disorder prevention program. Apply Public Health strategies and frameworks discussed in this course. Provide comprehensive descriptions of each of the seven steps presented in chapter 3 as they are used in your program. Include the following subtitles when completing this assignment: 1.- Select a target group for your program: Describe the demographic characteristics of the selected target group (age, gender, geographical location) 2.- Describe how would you complete Step 1: Assess the Readiness of the Community and Mobilize for Action (look at “Community Readiness Survey” in Appendix A on pages 293 to 298 for ideas) 3.- Describe how would you complete Step 2: Assess the levels of risk factors and protective factors in the community (look at “Validated Archival Indicators” in Appendix B on pages 299 to 302 for ideas) 4.- Describe how would you complete Step 3: Translate data into priorities- Look at one survey regarding substance abuse issues in the selected target group and describe the results of that survey (provide the corresponding reference)- Indicate how can you use the data presented in that survey to guide your proposed prevention program. 5.- Describe your proposed plan for Step 4: Examine the resources in the community that are reducing risk factors and increasing proposing factors- Identify the risk factors and protective factors of your selected target group- Select the model of addiction (see pages 69 to 75)that is most applicable to the selected target group and explain why. 6.- Describe your proposed plan for Step 5: Select a Target Population – Describe additional characteristics of the group you selected for item 1 (cultural characteristics-see chapter 5, health issues faced by this particular population including morbidity and mortality data; needs of this group-see Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs on pages 122 to 127)-Consult Healthy People 2020 and include here one goal and one objective from HP 2020 applicable to the selected target group- Include here at least one peer-reviewed reference to support your answer. 7. Describe your proposed plan for Step 6: Apply Guiding principles and Best Practices- Include: a.- Substance use/abuse selected for prevention and Name of the proposed program- select an acronym that people can easily remember (e.g. project STAR- Students Towards Attainable Results) b.- Describe the components of the program: Proposed policies, actions and activities, community coalitions, how would you apply the NAPPA code of ethics presented in Box 5.1 (pages 16 to 117) c.- Propose a media and marketing plan- see chapter 7 for ideas- Indicate what will be the four P’s in your program (pages 195 and 196) d.- Present a “logic model” for your proposed program: See pages 216 and 217 d.1. State one goal for your program d.2. State one strategy d.3. State your target group d.4. One If then-Statement d.5. One short-term outcome d.6. One long-term impact 8.- Describe your proposed plan for Step 7: Evaluate- What would you use in your program: Internal or external evaluators and why (see pages 219 and 220): what methods for evaluation do you propose? (see methods on pages 224 to 227); what is your proposed plan for reporting and communicating the results of your evaluation? (see pages 229 to 231 and chapter 9) 9.- Select one funding agency to which you would like to submit a grant to get funding for your proposed program (see chapter 10): Give the name of the agency, the URL, the name of the grant program officer; and indicate why did you select this particular agency. 10.- Word count: Your paper should have at least 1,500 words before the reference section

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