Determinants of Capital Structure

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Determinants of Capital Structure  Findings to appropriately linked to findings of previous studies and they are (References) to be relevant, recent and from recognized institutes. Topic: Determinants of Capital Structure Sample: FTSE 100, 77 non-financial companies (101 firms excluding 19 financial companies and 5 data deficit companies) for the period 2010 to 2017 Dependent Variables: 1) Long Term Debt (LTD) – Long term debt to total assets 2) Total Debt to Total Asset (TD) – Total debt to total assets Independent Variables: 1) Tangibility – Net Fixed assets to total assets 2) Profitability (ROA) – Retun on Assets 3) Liquidity – Current Assets to Current Liabilities 4) Growth – Percentage change in sales 5) Firm Size – Natural logarithm of total assets

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