determine genotype and phenotype of male and female of each generation

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2. The ku80 and p53 genes both encode proteins that are involved in repair of DNA damage in human cells. Mutations to these genes have been associated with some human cancers. You would like to determine if the Ku80 and p53 proteins functionally interact with one another and have decided to use Drosophila, which has homologous of both these genes, as a model system to address your question. The Drosophila Ku80 gene is on chromosome 2. There is a mutant allele of the Ku80 gene available which is recessively lethal. It is maintained in a balanced stock over an SM6, Cy balancer chromosome. You have males and females of this balanced stock available to you. The p53 gene is on chromosome 3. There is a viable mutant allele of p53 available in a homozygous stock which is also homozygous for a recessive mutation (e) at the ebony body locus which is also on chromosome 3. You have both males and females of this double mutant stock. In addition to the two stocks mentioned here, you also have access to both males and females of the double balancer stock from question 1. In order to test for potential functional interaction between the Ku80 and p53 proteins,

You need to generate a stock that contains both these mutations. Your goal is to clearly outline a series of crosses that will allow you to generate a new stock that is heterozygous for the ku80 mutant allele over the SM6, Cy balancer and homozygous for p53 and e. In other words, your desired stock of males and females will have the genotype: ; ku80/SM6, Cy ; p53, e/p53, e.

For each cross you carry out CLEARLY indicate the genotype of each parent, and the genotype and phenotype of any selected progeny you wish to continue to work with. You only need to show the genotype and phenotype of your selected progeny (not every possible progeny class). Hint: You will require multiple crosses to achieve your goal. Some can be done in parallel (i.e. not dependent on each other) while others will be dependent on progeny from a previous cross. Remember that male Drosophila do not have recombination (no crossing-over). Also keep in mind that if you are going to select a particular progeny class for further work, they must be phenotypically distinct from all other progeny classes or you would never be able to actually select them!

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