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Develop a marketing report based on the following sections:
a. Cover Page including:
? Business name
? Student Identifier (name and number)
? Subject code and name
? Date of submission
? Facilitator name
b. Table of contents
c. Brief introduction
d. Target Market Profile. Develop a target market profile applying two (2) variables for
each of the following segmentation elements: demographic, geographic,
psychographic and behavioural elements. Note: Your business may target more than
one market and if so, focus on what you think is the largest target market.
e. Positioning Statement. Develop a positioning statement for the client highlighting
the values and benefits offered by the brand to consumers. This may be derived
from evaluating the client’s website and marketing communications in order to
complete the “Moore positioning statement” (template below):
For: (target customers)
Who must: (solve a specific problem or fulfil a need)
Our product is a: (describe product or solution)
That provides: (key breakthrough benefit which solves the problem and/or a
reason to believe)
Unlike: (reference direct competitors)
Our product /solution offers: (describe the key point of competitive
f. Analysis of the Current Marketing Mix. Analyse the variables that include
applications of:
i. Product strategy:
? Identification/suggestion of the three levels of product
? Product classification
? Identification/suggestion of the product portfolio (width, depth and lines)

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