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Design and develop a simple product going through all pertinent stages.

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This should comprise of a number of components in an assembly and should be discussed with the lecturer.

Clearly indicate your methodology in developing from initial sketch ideas through to CAD based prototyping, simulation and computer aided manufacturing and onto the hard prototype phase.

For the initial stage prototype this would be paper, card adhesive or similar for the first mock up. Indicative equipment for the next stage could include: Laser cutting, CNC and Rapid Prototyping. You may wish to use other resources to build you prototypes.

There should be clear examples of the use of modern techniques in product development and evidences of research into the area within your report.

This should be presented as a hard copy portfolio including all relevant detail and supporting work. Where relevant reflection on the Delft methodology should be apparent.

You should reference Design methodologies with this assignment, in terms of engineering  ( i.e. Pugh) or product design approach (i.e. Delft), the use of digital and physical prototyping and the tools you should have used such idea generation, story boarding. Comment should also be present on the use of CADS and downstream functions such as Rapid Prototyping and advanced manufacturing links.


Key words and how you’ve used it

Models, approaches and perspectives

Reasoning in design

Basic design cycle

Product innovation

Creative problem solving

Vision in product design

Design for emotion

Brand drivern innovation

Service design

Cradle to cradle

Base of the pyramid (BoP) and Emerging markets



Context mapping

Cultural probes

User observation



Focus group

Customer journey

Mind map

Strategy wheel

Trend analysis

Function analysis

ecoDesign strategy wheel

ecoDesign check list

process tree

fast track life cycle analysis

human power

SWOT analysis

Search areas

Ansoff growth matrix

Miles and snow business strategies

Porter competitive strategies

VRIO analysis

Porter five forces

Perceptual map

Value curve







Written scenario

Problem definition

List of requirements

Business model canvas

Marketing mix or 4Ps




Fish trap model

Analogies and metaphors



Brain writing and drawing

Morphological chart






Evaluate and decide

Interaction prototyping and evaluation

Product usability evaluation

Product concept evaluation

Emotion measurement instrument (PreMo)

Harris profile

EVR decision matrix


Itemised response and PMI

Datum method


Weighted objectives

Cost price estimation


Articulate and simulate


Design drawing

Technical documentation (TecDoc)


Video visualisation


  1. This should include a rationale for the products design and how it fulfils the brief. 15%
  2. Fully documented process including manual and computer-based graphics.25%
  3. Evidence of material, process and manufacturing analysis related to the product. 15%
  4. Prototype production and evidence of their use and analysis in developing the final design. 20%
  5. Clear conclusions and discussion outlining the key decision process and how computer based tools assisted in the development process, with clear evidence of the use of referencing to support your discussion. 25%


LO1: Develop novel strategies for the management and deployment of advanced and emerging technologies, tools and techniques.

LO2: Apply knowledge to create original concepts for products, engineering systems or processes.

LO3: Make use of high level skills and abilities to exploit generic and bespoke software tools, solve complex design, configuration or process problems and thereby develop industrially appropriate solutions for delivery to a range of audiences.

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