Developing a Response to Drug Abuse Position Paper

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In a minimum 6 page, not including title page or reference page, APA formatted paper, you will develop a viable response (process, program, legal procedure, treatment, or change in the law) to the use and abuse of illegal drugs in America. You may draw on existing laws and processes that are currently in place, but you must formulate your own process that may include (in a reasonable manner) changing laws, enforcement, adjudication, or treatment that will reduce or eliminate illegal drug use and its effect on the Criminal Justice System and our communities. Finally, in this paper you must provide a method for evaluating your process, procedure, or program using known evaluative methods. This work requires the student to conduct a review of existing scholarly literature and provide proper references from a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources, one of which may be your text, (including the use of proper in-text citations).

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