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   Notes from the teacher on what she expects on the Discussions this goes for both discussions In order to achieve full points under ‘General Content/Subject Knowledge’ your initial DB should include relevant, professional, or other real-world experiences in a manner that is rich in thought and provides insight into the given topic. Your initial post does not reflect your level of understanding of this topic and/or all aspects of the topic were not addressed. Keep in mind, when using citations, to think of them as your back-up singers, you want to hear them a little, every now and then, but they are there to support the main singer (you!).  In order to achieve full points under ‘Critical Thinking’ your initial DB needs to comprehensively explore the ideas, thoughts and elements of the topic with evidence. This is accomplished by including at least two examples (i.e. citations) from reliable sources within your initial post to validate and support your original thoughts. THIS IS A TWO PART DISCUSSION. NEEDS TO BE ON SEPARATE PAGES. READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. PART 1    Reading Fluency Chapter 9 of our text goes into depth about the importance of fluency instruction.(SEE ATTACHED FILE)  In Section 9.2, the author lists five different methods for helping children to become more fluent readers (Coats, 2013).  THE METHOD I HAVE TO DO IS Phrased Reading For the method you are assigned, discuss the following three questions:  How can you incorporate this idea into your classroom? What signs will you look for to indicate that this      approach is improving fluency? How can you encourage and support parents to use these      fluency strategies at home? PART 2    Nonfiction Text In Section 10.3 of the course text, the following authors are listed as the superstars in the world of children’s nonfiction (Coats, 2013)(SEE ATTACHED FILE)I have highlighted guidelines in section 10.3 · Melissa Sweet (THIS LINK IS FOR A BOOK BY THIS AUTHOR I’M NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK  https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B0090OTDEG Read a nonfiction book by the author above 1. Using the guidelines listed in Section 10.3 of our text, critique the book to determine the characteristics that make the author a superstar. 2.  In addition, share at least one idea you have for how you could use this piece of literature in your classroom. I have also attached a page with just the book link

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