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Description Instructions for Chapter Summaries Advertising by Design – Third Edition After reading each chapter type up a 3 paragraph summary, upload a PDF document. Please review the Writing Requirements Below. Formatting of Document for Writing Assignments: • All work must be Typed! No Exceptions. • Work must be turned in on a “Designed” Letterhead. Style and legibility are key as Graphic Designers. • Name, Course, Book, Chapter, and Due Date MUST be on all assignments to be accepted. • Heading and required information should be part of Letterhead design. • NO Script, Decorative or Designer typefaces may be used for the writing portion of the assignment(s). • Body Copy MUST be in Serif or San-Serif Font. • Body Copy Must be no larger than 12pt. • Leading is no greater than 14.4pt. – Single Spaced. • Margins should be no less than .25in. and no greater than 1in.

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