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Digital Marketing Bisasih Indonesia is an online education platform that focuses on facilitating students and students in developing careers and facilitating access to learning media. With a mission to help improve the quality of Indonesian education in the New Normal era so as to improve quality in the Professional World.

Digital Marketing

Against the background of the difficulty of finding reading books on career development and the many textbooks that must be brought to school, so many notes to write in notebooks, and teacher delays in teaching and delivering learning materials.

So Bisasih tried to answer these challenges by building an online education platform. With the Can learn module, namely online learning classes by way of webinars or workshops and Can Donation is a service to collect donations directly without taxes through online classes.

Question :
1.) Identify opportunities, be careful and considerate if Bisasih applies e-commerce, both B2B and B2C.
2.) Identify the right technology and platform to build Bisasih’s e-business infrastructure?
3.) Build a Digital Marketing strategy Bisasih, what is the right marketing channel and what form of content is right in selling Bisasih’s E-Business initiative?

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