Discuss at least THREE advantages and disadvantages to each method of assigning housekeepers to clean rooms.

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Some executive housekeepers prefer to allow room attendants to work independently, with only one attendant assigned to each room to be cleaned. Others prefer a system that teams two or more attendants together for each room assigned to be cleaned. Those preferring the single attendant cite the tendency of the team members to “talk” too much to each other and thus not complete their tasks in a timely manner. Those who favor teams point to the increased security provided by having two attendants working together, as well as the advantage of having “two sets of eyes” on each room.

Discuss at least THREE advantages and disadvantages to each method of assigning housekeepers to clean rooms. Which do you believe is the best for guests? Which is the best method for the hotel? Which is best for the hotel room attendants? Which method would you use if you were a GM or executive housekeeper and why?

  • Considering the content of this discussion, I’m expecting at least 3 full paragraphs from you for your original discussion post.
  • Please do not give me your opinion, instead give researched facts. Include in-text citations as well as a list of full citations used at the end of your original discussion post in APA format. Discussions without citations will be graded accordingly.
  • You must reply to at least 2 students and provide insightful feedback to their posts. Simple posts of good job, I agree/disagree…, etc. will not be enough to satisfy a reply.

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