Discuss strategic recommendations and feasibility analysis

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As a Recommendation I have chosen how Educational Advertising using Social Media towards the industry as whole could help the company Please use this recommendation to answer the following questions, The company we are working on is https://www.altieritransco.com/ Description: Use a paragraph to explain the recommendation Justification: Paragraph 1 (Explain HOW you developed this recommendation. Establish a connection with the SWOT: briefly discuss which O or T (the external environment) and which S or W (the internal environment) support the recommendation; Paragraph 2 (Explain WHY you developed this  recommendation. Establish a connection with the goal of the project) Action plan: Describe the recommendation in operational terms. What (specifically) must be done? Who will do it? What is the time frame? What resources are allocated to the recommended change? Provide an example program, design, contract, etc., depending on the recommendation. Feasibility analysis: Prove this recommendation/action plan will work well for the Client. You need to collect data. If the recommendation needs significant investment, you need to perform a financial feasibility analysis

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