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Main uqe:Much has been made of the new Web 2.0 phenomenon, including social networking sites and user-created mash-ups. How does Web 2.0 change security for the Internet? How do secure software development concepts support protecting applications?


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Web 2.0 Security

As Technology advanced and more and more users started to use internet. The original version Web 1.0, which mainly focused on static view (mainly reading the content) became less useful as users demanded more user friendly and interactive web. Hence Web 2.0 brought more dynamic and interactive version of the Web. Unlike Web 1.0, Web 2.0 is more focused on interactions, participations and easily adapted.

Web 2.0 makes social networking sites and user created mash-ups easy to operate and use. Some example can be Wikipedia, Web Feeds blogs etc. Web 2.0 brings some security challenges to the internet as well. Since Web 2.0 is user focused, it possesses risk of data manipulation and un authorized activities. Its very prone to hackers(Nadolu, 2016).

User can put harmful codes, links of files on the website which will make system prone to data theft. Most Web 2.0 uses lightweight interface code such as AJAX. AJAX allows user to put malicious content or modify the content which possess security risks. Also, any HTML put by the users in the web such as comments or review is prone to malicious viruses. Another security challenge is Phishing activities on the network. Web 2.0 is more prone to Phishing activities as more and more users are involved and interact with each other.

Hence it is very important to develop the system with security in mind. Real time code inspection and installing an application to block any suspicious activity are some of the ways to mitigate risks of Web 2.0(Nadolu, 2016).

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