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If you have not already done so, please use this web link to access the Flannery O’Connor page and become familiar with a significant twentieth century American writer. Afterwards, read “The Lame Shall Enter First,” and in 150-250 words, respond to the following prompt. Then, make sure to respond to a classmate’s post. In your peer-response denote whether you agree or disagree with his/her answer to the question and why. Please also provide your peer with a syntax related suggestion. The deadline for the primary post is 11:59 PM PST Thursday October 24 and for the peer response is 11:59 PM PST Friday October 25.

Prompt: Consider the various ways in which Sheppard, Norton, and Rufus are inwardly “lame.” Of what does Sheppard, in particular, need to be healed? Why is it not enough that he resolves to reform his behavior toward Norton just before ascending the attic stairs at the end?

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