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In 3 paragraphs, discuss:

  1. What role does culture play in infant and toddler identity development? Reference this week’s readings.
  2. An an infant and toddler care teacher, what would you like to know about a child’s culture when they are joining your program?
  3. Identify 3 specific things you would do with that information (from #2) to support identify development in your group of infants and toddlers?

In a separate document, make a list of all the things that make up or describe your culture. There are lots of reflective ideas in this week’s readings to help you get started. A truly effective list will have 25 or more different descriptors… Think about all of the things that are obvious about you and then think about what’s below the surface. What elements of your culture can we not see by looking at you?

  1. Visit ABCya.com (Links to an external site.) to create a visual representation of your list.
  2. After you follow the link, click the play arrow in the large box to get started.
  3. Copy and paste your entire list.
  4. Click on create.
  5. You can customize your list by changing the color, shape, or font in any way you want.
  6. Click on Menu and Save to download your artwork.
  7. Upload your artwork here as your discussion response.

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