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Can you help me understand this English question?

ou must use “one” outside source (not the textbook) from 2014 or newer in your comments and list it as you would on a MLA works cited page: example below. No Wikipedia, ask.com, about.con, dictionary.com, other databanks, personal examples, anecdotes, or religious sources accepted! You can also go to external links and check easybib.com for proper format for each type of source, or refer to any MLA handbook.

What is real? Is everything a story? Is everything dependent on your view and interpretation? One way or another, why are stories important? What if life was simply a story and nothing else? Give me your thoughtful opinion (thesis) in “your own” words (about 300 – 500 words with one source in MLA format) to back up your stance. Use an outside source as a reference point, not your argument, and make a final prediction of the future if you can.

NOTE : Please follow instructions, and watch video to get ideas. Also, please use an article for the source, and don’t use book sources.

Listen to the story below:


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