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you will select one of the following primary sources from James A Wood and Anna Rose Alexander’s Problems in Modern Latin American History:

  • Augusto Sandino’s “Plan for the Realization of Bolivar’s Supreme Dream” (pgs 169-173)
  • Juan Jose Arevalo’s “The Shark and the Sardines” (pgs. 173-175)

You will write a 2 paragraph analysis of the primary source you have selected. Your analysis must answer the following questions:

  • Content: What is the document about?
  • Citation: When was this document created and by who?
  • Context: What was going on in the world and/or the region when this document was written? What major economic, social, political trends might this document be directly or indirectly responding to?
  • Connections: Does this document reflect, support, and/or challenge what we are learning in class?(I am taking “Comparative History of the Modern Americas”) please answer this question good.
  • Communication: Does this document have an identifiable point of view or bias? Is this document reliable?
  • Conclusions: How does this source contribute to our understanding of history? What is the main idea and what does it tell us about the moment in time in which it was written?

It is recommended that your discussion board essay incorporate other readings and class material to support your analysis wherever relevant and appropriate.

(i have the book i will just need to take pictures and send them to you, if you don’t have the book) follow all instructions, and answer all the questions plz.

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