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Read the article “Viewpoint: The Limitations of Being ‘Spiritual but not Religious.’” In the article, David Wolpe points to data indicating that nearly 20% of Americans identify themselves as spiritual and not religious. He suggests that the tension between being spiritual and being religious comes from opinions regarding institutions. He also suggests that spirituality is primarily internal and focused on “feeling good,” while religion is more external and focused on personal accountability, communal membership, and social action. Wolpe does not argue that spirituality isn’t important, nor does Wolpe present spirituality and religion as an “either-or, choose one or the other” dilemma. Wolpe does argue that institutions, including religious communities, are “the only mechanism human beings know to perpetuate ideologies and actions” and concludes that being spiritual and religious is more effective than being spiritual alone.

In your initial post, explain how the author’s thoughts on spirituality and religion confirm and/or challenge your own spiritual and religious identity.

* By the way I am muslim but I have to take the course

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