Discussion Question 1 And 2 Week 1

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Discussion Question 1 “Learning New Technologies”  Please respond to the following: Discuss two (2) approaches that instructors may use to help students learn a new technology such as an iPad or a smartphone. Choose your favorite approach, and provide one (1) real-world example of how you would help a student or adult learn a new task with technology. Discussion Question 2 “Joining a Virtual Community”  Please respond to the following: View the Tapped In website, located at http://www.tappedin.org, and discuss two (2) aspects of Tapped In that its creators leveraged in order to foster community. Use the Internet to locate one (1) additional virtual community. Compare and contrast the way that this virtual community creates community to the way that Tapped In does. Provide the name of the virtual community, as well as the link to its Website. If you were building a virtual community, discuss three (3) elements that you would include to foster community.

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