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For this Discussion Board assignment you will choose between one of two options to discuss with a minimum of 100 words the direction given that you are most comfortable so you can demonstrate your understanding of intelligence. After completing your thread, read posts from your classmates and reply to at least 2. You will receive up to 15 points for this assignment depending on the detail and inclusion of concepts in the text.

Option 1: Describe an area that you feel you have an expertise. Share the type of intelligence this is, based on types of intelligence that you learned about in our text. What motivated you to learn in this area and what motivates you to continue or what has motivated you to stop learning in this area.

Option 2: Analyze the difference between 2 different theories of intelligence. Considering the ability to test intelligence, which of the two types of intelligence that you are analyzing would be most difficult to create a valid and reliable test to accurately measure intelligence in that area.

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