Discussion Question-Risk Management Analysis and Project Valuation

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I’m studying for my Accounting class and need an explanation.

Discussion Question, just 2 to 3 paragraph is require.

Financial manager has to consider many different risk factors in risk management analysis of the project.

Brexit can have a dramatic impact on businesses in the EU and rest of the world.

Please choose a company with business activities related to the UK – it can be an importer/exporter, or a company that uses UK for logistics or other business purposes. Introduce the company to the class and discuss, what risks Brexit imposes on its business activity and how the company manages this risk. Please don’t pick up a company, which has been already described by your classmates. And don’t’ forget to provide references to all sources.

My classmates are already used companies Amazon, Carnival, eBay, Ford Motor Company. Let me know if you need more information or you can not help me with them.

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