Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management In The Workplace

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Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management In The Workplace 

Dear writer, this is a 10-20 pages in length on a topic of the student’s choice involving dispute resolution and conflict management in the workplace. For your individual final paper, you can write on any topic that engages you and that you can connect to conflict management or things you learned in class. You can write a research paper but you don’t have to. You can write about things you learned in class or in your readings but I am looking for your original thoughts. So you do not want to just summarize for me or repeat back things you learned. I want you to think about how things might relate to your HR work, or might be useful in the workplace or in the real world, please do some analysis and original thinking about whatever you discuss. ====Dear writer, this is a final paper for my course. So it is very important to me, please think critically and write it perfectly. Grammar and words choosing are also involved in the grades of paper. I will upload my textbook and teacher’s PowerPoint for you, and you can also cite/research anything you want from the internet. (PS: You can choose a company which involved in conflict issues to work on but you need to tell me which company you will choose in advance, thanks!)Also, if you can, please write as more as you can.

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